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Our Projects

"For as the soil makes the sprout come up and a garden causes seeds to grow,
so the Sovereign Lord will make righteousness and praise spring up before all nations."

Isaiah 61:11

Sprout Mission strives to create service for the missionaries to meet the emergency needs in its field
to nurture the existing missions to continuously grow what God has already started.

Projects: Programs

Bridgeway Family Life Center

Buena Park, CA

Bridgeway Family Life Center is a non-profit organization founded in December 2020. Isaiah 40:1 (“Comfort my people”) encapsulates the Center’s mission. Its vision is to spread the Gospel through counseling by connecting people with volunteer Christian counselors. The Center offers free counseling services (family and mental health), education, and seminars.

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Oaks of Righteousness Ministry

Los Angeles, CA

Oaks of Righteousness Ministry is a Non-Denominational Christian Organization founded in June 2009. Its mission is to “Rebuild, Restore and Renew” Los Angeles and surrounding areas through food distribution, community service, and outreach. For more info check out

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Timothy Kim

Maneadero, Mexico

Timothy Kim is a missionary serving the community in Maneadero, Mexico. He successfully completed the Discipleship Training School and continued to serve as a YWAM staff. Sprout Mission is honored to support his faithful, dedicated, and genuine service to the people of Mexico.

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Heidy Talamantes Lobatos

San Quintin, Mexico

Sprout Mission is proud to have sponsored Heidy's nursing education from January 2011 to July 2013. She is now a graduate of Miguel Servet Escuela de Enfermeria with a degree in nursing. We have high hopes for Heidy's impact on the people of San Quintin. We are proud of her accomplishments and are honored to have been able to support her and her missionary work in her community.

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Mary Kim

San Paulo, Brazil

Mary Kim is a passionate servant-minded woman of God whose life is wholeheartedly committed to the urban poor. Sprout Mission is very excited for this opportunity to take part in her two-year journey in Brazil where she will be living among the poor and discovering ways in which she can bring significant impact to the community she is immersed in.

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Doh Won Lee & Ji Hye Ryu


With a grand vision to embrace the country of Paraguay, Arriba Paraguay, led by Pastor Chang Keun Yang, is committed to bringing the heart of God to all the souls of Paraguay. Their numerous, thriving ministries are impacting people of all ages across the entire country.  Sprout Mission is proud to partner with Arriba Paraguay and God's work among the people of Paraguay. Their many projects include:  Arriba Ninos (Children's Revival), Arriba Jovenes (Youth Revival), several leadership training programs, and the Indigenous Outreach Program. Sprout Mission is honored to support Doh Won Lee and his wife, Ji Hye Ryu to minister to the people of Paraguay.

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Esther D.


Sprout Mission is partnering with Esther D. as she goes to South Asia to teach English in a largely Muslim community for two years. English classes can help young people gain access to better opportunities while also providing a venue for many of them to hear about Jesus for the first time. Esther and her team hope to build relationships with students and their families in order to bring the light of Jesus into a very dark, unreached place.

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Sarang House Orphanage

Qingdao, China

Sarang House, founded in 2002 by Young-Jin Lee, is an orphanage in China that serves children by providing much-needed care, food, shelter, education, life-skills training, and access to medical services. Many of the children are mentally and/or physically disabled and are in need of ongoing love and care.

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P.L. George Foundation

Gambia, Africa

P.L. George Nursery School is a primary school in Gambia, West Africa where they provide educational opportunities for underprivileged children. The school was started by Mrs. Paulina Lauretta George whose adventurous spirit led her to establish a school that is now 25 years in operation. Despite her recent passing, her legacy lives on through the P.L. George Foundation, which exists to continue her compassionate work with the students who have been under her teaching. Sprout Mission is excited to partner with P.L. George Foundation to continue this lasting legacy of compassion and fervor.

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